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I read too much, it's educational, it's escapism, it's travel without risk, it's spiritual, it's entertaining, it's the foundation of a civilized world.

Dirty Laundry - Heidi Cullinan Sizzling hot read, believable BDSM, and an interesting look into living with disabilities.
Beyond Complicated - Mercy Celeste Book porn , soap opera drama, hot scenes if you take out the incestual bits.
Woke Up in a Strange Place - Eric Arvin I have to be clear on something about this book. I really enjoyed it, but you have to understand I love symbolism, interpretation of dreams, the belief in reincarnation. This book contains all that and so much more. It is NOT your usual m/m romance. Although there's plenty of that too.
Great book, great philosophical ideas. I'm sure I'll read it again and recommend it to friends.
Sinner's Gin - Rhys Ford The action, suspense and sexual tension kept me glued to the pages! Contains some difficult material, but Rhys handles it. Make sure you check out her Dirty Series too!
Sterling (Mageri, #1) - Dannika Dark This entire series kept me hooked on every page! Dannika has developed strong characters, and her female lead is honest, compelling, and strong enough to keep me interested. No sniveling weakling here, her heroine thinks for herself, makes me proud and happy to keep reading. You absolutely must read each book of the series! Kudos Dannika!
Volley Balls - Tara Lain Fun, sexy, read.
Dirty Secret - Rhys Ford Great characters, edgy dramatic scenes, plenty of mystery, oh, and I almost forgot, bed crushingly hot sex scenes!
Crucible of Fate (Change of Heart, #4) - Mary Calmes Glad to see Domin find his groove. Also enjoyed catching up with the other characters. Great action, adventure, passion and possessive alphas! Great job Mary!
A Solid Core of Alpha - Amy Lane I really enjoy books that not only have plenty of chemistry, but a strong plot and plenty of twists to challenge my mind. This book fits the bill. I'd call it a psychological thriller romance...set in future space of course! Highly recommend.
Knitter in His Natural Habitat - Amy Lane This was an action packed, tender, semxy, mysterious, suspenseful, redeeming, loving, timid, brave, yarnful book! Yes, odd review, but I can't find words right now other than to say I can't wait for Amy's next release, you should read them all, and I'm going to go buy needles to go with my lovely expensive yarn and learn to knit myself a scarf while ogling hot menz.

Kudos Amy, the long nights and computer fits are so worth it! Keep writing babe!
Second Chances - T.A. Webb This book is a journey through the pitfalls and celebrations of life. The pain of it, in some places hit uncomfortably close to home for me, having lost a loved one to cancer, but that’s just it. I felt a kinship to the character, I felt his pain, I cried his tears. The author is truly convincing. Along with all the hurts, the reader is also able to come along with the character through the blessed moments of life, that first attraction, love, making a family, forgiveness, and so many more vital life experiences. This is a book about how a man is made, it’s about forgiveness, and it’s about looking forward. And it’s about time you read it too! Highly recommended, read this book and recommend to your friends!
How to Raise an Honest Rabbit - Amy Lane The queen of character development does it again. I completed this book and felt happy, contented, entertained and satisfied in every way. Another highly recommended read by Amy Lane!
Just Jory (A Matter of Time #5.5) - Mary Calmes Classic trouble magnet and friend making extraordinaire Jory falls into the chaos again! Love your fast paced, ridiculous humor and hotness!
The Persistence of Memory - Jordan Castillo Price Mnevermind….no, please do mind, it’s all about the mind. The mind of a genius!

Jordan never disappoints, maybe I shouldn’t add that pressure because like any fine artist beginning a new work of art can be difficult when trying to live up to expectations of past successes. But Jordan Castillo Price manages to impress me every time! She has dreamed up an alternative world for us in Mnevermind, one with believable environments, and well built characters. Maybe it’s all that time developing a thesis, discussing the merits of conceptual art, or developing a cohesive body of work, but Jordan can whip up a mind bending plot, and throw us into it using logic, philosophy, psychology, mystery and sexuality and paint it all with convincing detail. Set in a true to life description of mid-west America, with believable characters, Mnevermind sucks us easily into a world where we can pay to indulge ourselves not for a night at the movies, but for virtual experiences, a mnem, that we will thankfully, or not, do not remember minutes to hours after we’re finished. Leaving us with the emotional high but not the details, often like a dream…details forgotten by mid afternoon. Within this world her characters develop, unique, flawed, but relatable…as technicians, software and hardware developers, even addicts of this mnem industry. Enough meandering into details that won’t click unless you read it. Her characters are as interesting and developed as her PsyCop series, and I want to know more about them, especially Elijah. As per her other writing there is a healthy dose of M/M but it is not the focus of this book, more like icing on the cake. There may be a cliffhanger, but I do not feel robbed, instead I feel like Jordan dug up a treasure and is sharing it with us as she unearths it. I highly recommend! Hungry for the next morsel.
Duck! (Avian Shifters, #1) - Kim Dare I usually like the D/s theme a lot. This was just OK. The concept was strong, it could have just been written a bit better. A compound sentence would solve the need to avoid the constant "the submissive said this" the "older man" said that, the "submissive....." : A compound sentence is composed of at least two independent clauses. It does not require a dependent clause. The clauses are joined by a coordinating conjunction (with or without a comma), a correlative conjunction (with or without a comma), a semicolon that functions as a conjunction, or a conjunctive adverb preceded by a semicolon.

It just makes for smoother reading. Details about the environment of the house would be important because this is so much of the story setting. Could have been super strong...but fell short.

What I did like however is how the society in which these characters lived did not "normally" allow the swan to be himself, but live up instead to their stereotypes. Good parallel to reality.
Into Deep Waters (Love is Always Write) - Kaje Harper This is a great novel about innocence, heroism, sacrifice, commitment and of course love...so touching, very powerful and hopeful. Excellent read! I hope to see many more titles from Kaje!