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The Persistence of Memory - Jordan Castillo Price Mnevermind….no, please do mind, it’s all about the mind. The mind of a genius!

Jordan never disappoints, maybe I shouldn’t add that pressure because like any fine artist beginning a new work of art can be difficult when trying to live up to expectations of past successes. But Jordan Castillo Price manages to impress me every time! She has dreamed up an alternative world for us in Mnevermind, one with believable environments, and well built characters. Maybe it’s all that time developing a thesis, discussing the merits of conceptual art, or developing a cohesive body of work, but Jordan can whip up a mind bending plot, and throw us into it using logic, philosophy, psychology, mystery and sexuality and paint it all with convincing detail. Set in a true to life description of mid-west America, with believable characters, Mnevermind sucks us easily into a world where we can pay to indulge ourselves not for a night at the movies, but for virtual experiences, a mnem, that we will thankfully, or not, do not remember minutes to hours after we’re finished. Leaving us with the emotional high but not the details, often like a dream…details forgotten by mid afternoon. Within this world her characters develop, unique, flawed, but relatable…as technicians, software and hardware developers, even addicts of this mnem industry. Enough meandering into details that won’t click unless you read it. Her characters are as interesting and developed as her PsyCop series, and I want to know more about them, especially Elijah. As per her other writing there is a healthy dose of M/M but it is not the focus of this book, more like icing on the cake. There may be a cliffhanger, but I do not feel robbed, instead I feel like Jordan dug up a treasure and is sharing it with us as she unearths it. I highly recommend! Hungry for the next morsel.