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Fish & Ghosts

Fish & GhostsThe strength and uniqueness of her characters is what keeps me coming back to Rhys Ford's writing again and again. Ford is on my auto read list, and this title, the first in the new Hellsinger series does not disappoint! I can totally relate to, and love the quirkiness, talent and intelligence of Tristan Pryce. While the arrogance, dominance and leap before looking mentality of Wolf compliments Tristan. The two at first seem like oil and water, but as the chaos and haunted shenanigans roll on we can see that the attraction is inevitable, more like fire and oil! 

The secondary characters hold just as much interest to me, two of my favorites being Wolf's mother and the dog, yes the ghost dog is one of my favorites in this spooctacular tale, especially when skeptical Wolf actually starts playing fetch with him! This highly entertaining book is full of horror, humor, supernatural events, and sprinkled with super sexy scenes between our two MC's. Fish and Ghosts is fast paced, and kept me glued to the pages from start to finish. I may have lost sleep but it was so worth it and I can't wait for the next book in this supernatural series!