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Artistic Pursuits - Andrew  Grey I feel like a part of a community when I read Andrew Grey's books. A community of adventurers, artists, friends, family and lovers. As always Grey's characters are richly developed, this plot was fast paced and very exciting, and there was a wonderful helping of chemistry and passion throughout this story. A continuation of the Bottled Up spin-off Artistic series, Artistic Pursuits easily stands alone, but once you read it, if you haven't met the other members of this community, you'll want to! This book is so much more than m/m romance, it's mystery, crime solving, action, suspense, international artistic provenance and more all bundled into one fast paced storyline. For me, what gives this book so much depth is the additional motif of the main characters' power struggles woven throughout the story. The sometimes blatant, and other times delicate power struggles in Leslie and Franks professional lives as well as their personal and sexual relationships add an extra dimension to the story. It's interesting to watch how that power struggle is addressed, and worked through in each situation. Pick it up and read it! But I'll warn you, if you haven't read Andrew's catalog of books yet, you'll spend the next month or so feeding your new addiction to this prolific author's books! I promise.