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I read too much, it's educational, it's escapism, it's travel without risk, it's spiritual, it's entertaining, it's the foundation of a civilized world.

GhosTV - Jordan Castillo Price Did I ever mention how much I love this series? I'm taking this book bite by bite because I know I'll miss the characters when it's done. Jordan weaves a tapestry of interesting characters and reveals bits of their story at a time often like the characters in real life we learn more about them as we go. Often I question even my favorite characters wondering if there is something questionable lurking below the surface. Combine psych thriller with multifaceted relationship drama, steamy passionate interludes and richly developed characters and you have the perfect recipe for a great series. Hope there is more to come!

If you haven't already read the PsyCop series, start with book one and enjoy, you will stay up late reading until you've devoured each one.