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Dead in the Desert - Lou Harper Review: I must first admit that I haven’t read the previous book in this series and I usually don’t think it’s fair to review a book without the back-story, but even so, I was enthralled. Maybe it’s because I like a good murder/mystery, or possibly, because Jon and Lender have such wonderful chemistry and a strong partnership when they go on adventures for Leander’s psychic work. Either way this story captured my imagination as well as the main characters capturing my heart. I love the way Jon takes such care of Leander, making sure he wears sunscreen, eats well, and watched out for his general well-being, all the while denying what his heart already knows, he’s totally lost in love with “Andy” and needs to come to terms with and admit it before he loses him.

The psych job Leander is on, the hunt to discover what has happened to heir apparent Ethan sends Jon and Andy on a wonderful wild goose chase. It’s also interesting to see Leander come into his psychic skills set and develop it. The secondary characters Harper introduces are quite complex and spike my curiosity also, they have plenty enough strength to balance the main story. The ending is surprising, and I especially enjoy the epilogue! I can say no more else, I give it all away. Definitely, a recommended read, in fact I’m going in search of Books 1-2, so I can be fully involved in Harper’s intriguing plot twists.

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